Dr. Beckem’s 10 Rules To Riches

By Dr. John Beckem

Dr. Beckem’s 10 Rules To Riches:

#1. Pay Yourself First.
#2. If you can’t pay for it in cash, don’t buy it!
#3. Only borrow to get rich, not LOOK rich.
#4. Want increase?…. Invest
#5. Always protect your capital.
#6. Re-invest your profits.
#7. Never follow the herd. Be different.
#8. Have multiple streams of passive income
#9. Purchase ASSETS, not LIABILITIES.
#10. Consistently pay your TITHES!

What rules do you abide by?

Dr. John Beckem is a Personal Finance Expert, Educator & Consultant.  He helps middle income individuals and families free themselves from debt and build generational wealth.

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