Dr. John Beckem is an accomplished Entrepreneur, Educator and Personal Finance Expert with an extensive body of education and experience in personal finance and business finance.   

Having assisted thousands of clients to eliminate their debt and set up systems and habits to build wealth, Dr. Beckem is a highly sought after speaker and coach for those seeking Financial Freedom, after being in bondage to debt.

In his lectures, programs, books and podcasts, Dr. Beckem teaches his students and clients how to escape the stress and bondage of debt and build generational wealth by being financially literate and forming habits that lead to success.

As CEO and chairman of a prominent New York Real Estate & Development firm, a tenured Professor of Finance at the state university, and a Husband and Father of four, Dr. Beckem lives by two major principles:

  • “Live your life the way you want your children to live…because they will”.
  • “Always be increasing your assets and decreasing your liabilities”.

In addition to publishing a multitude of journals and articles on finance, education and wealth, Dr. Beckem is the founder of The Life After Debt Institute where millions of middle income individuals and Families learn to build and sustain generational wealth.

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